A Stranger At My Home
Football player Shehata Abu Kaff, a resident of Upper Egypt goes to Cairo to play professionally at Zamalek club. The club buys him an apartment, but the owner sells the apartment to him and to another lady with her son at the same time, and both of them are forced to stay in the same place.
Duration:1h 55min
Release date :1982
  • سمير سيف
  • سعاد حسني
  • نور الشريف
  • حسن مصطفى
  • نبيلة السيد
  • سيف الله مختار
  • هياتم
  • Soad Hosny
  • Nour El Sherif
  • Essam Mostafa
  • Nabila El Sayed
  • Hayatem
  • Waheid Seif