Watch: Temperatures drop to the lowest in a decade across Japan
Weather officials warn that temperatures may drop to the lowest in a decade across Japan, affecting transportation and freezing water pipes. They are advising people to prepare for heavy snow and low temperatures and refrain from going out in the worst of the weather. The Meteorological Agency reported that the effects of a winter-type weather pattern have already been bringing snow, mainly to areas along the Sea of Japan coast from northern to western Japan.  In China, the  northern city of Mohe broke the record for the coldest temperature since 1969 in the country's history on Sunday, with the lowest temperature plunging to minus 53 degrees Celsius. The record was set at a weather station in the town of Amur, Mohe City in Heilongjiang Province, marking the lowest temperature ever recorded in the province and the lowest ever observed by the Chinese meteorological system. The figure broke the previous record of minus 52.3 degrees Celsius. Watch the video above.